About Me

I am an MS student in Robotics at Northwestern University. My interests are in motion planning, control theory, optimization, and their applications in Robotics (especially in Human-Robot Interaction).


nw Northwestern University
09/2020 - 12/2021
M.S. in Robotics
uiuc University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
08/2016 - 05/2020
B.S. in Aerospace Engineering with Minor in Computer Science


Real-time KL-Ergodic Distribution-based Model Predictive Control

[ website ]
Model predictive control with the ability to match or avoid distributions

Using Rethink Sawyer Robot Arm to Play Yoyo

[ website ]
Developed software and hardware pipeline to play yoyo with visual feedback control on the Sawyer Robot arm

Data-driven Receding Horizon Control with the Koopman Operator

[ website ]
Performed receding horizon control using data-driven approach with small data in a continuous space

Object Manipulation with Quadrotor Downwash

[ website ]
Designed controller and planner to blow light-weight object in a specific direction to achieve object manipulation ability.

Planning & Prediction with user preference via deep inverse reinforcement learning

[ website ]
Using maximum entropy deep IRL to learn agent preference in continuous environment path planning

EKF-SLAM with Machine Learning from Scratch

[ website ]
Implementation of landmark-based EKF-SLAM with unsupervised learning and unknown data association using ROS in C++ from scratch.

Automated 3D Modeling System

[ website ]
An automated system for reconstructing real-world objects into CAD model by using turtlebot and real-sense camera

Swarm Multi-Agent Distributed Coordination

[ website ]
Implemented distributed swarm robotics motion coordination algorithms based on bio-inspired ideas from research papers

Planning Algorithm Visualizations

[ website ]
Implmentations of search-based and sampling-based path planning algorithm with animation

Self-Balancing Car Racing

[ website ]
Designed a controller that can balance the segway-like robot as well as running on the racing track as fast as possible

Mobile Manipulator in Simulator

[ website ]
Using a KUKA youBot mobile manipulator to perform a pick-and-place task for a cube by planning trajectory, performing feedback control, and calculating odometry